I am a stay a home mom to a curious, active, and loving young daughter.  I am lucky to have my days filled with trips to the park, a thousand cups of tea, and reading the same books over and over and over.  I am also a wife, a novice cook, a crafter, and an avid reader.

I was raised in Madison, WI by hippie parents, which helped shape my views of the world.  I was taught to think for myself, not take anything for face value, and always ask questions.  I was taught to be respectful of others views, but to stick to my beliefs.  These are traits I hope to pass to my daughter.  I am not afraid to express my ideas, but I will always try to do so with respect to others and different points of view.

This year we are starting a new adventure…home school preschool!  As a former teacher, I have the experience, the materials, and the desire to be my daughter’s first teacher.  If she will respond to me as a teacher, well, that is something we will find out together!



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  2. Hi. I think your daughter is very lucky to have an educator (not just a teacher) for her mommy! My husband is in the field of education as well and my son really benefits.

    I really enjoy your blog and find that your writings on being a sahm are very encouraging, so I nominated you for The Sunshine Award.

    I recently created my site MAMABEARMATTERS.COM to reach out to and celebrate stay at home mothers like you. I hope you visit and find my offerings helpful.

    I think my post called “Happy to be a Stay at Home Mom” will resonate with you.

    Please see more re: your nomination here:

    Blessings to you and your family.

  3. Hi! I just have a quick question about your bog. 🙂 Do you have an email address at which you can be reached?

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